Biotechnology Engineer

Mission Statement

Autonomous University of Nuevo León Mission Statement

The Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL, by its Spanish abbreviation) is a public institution, committed to society and its mission is the formation of high school graduates, technicians, professionals, university teachers and researchers capable of performing efficiently in the knowledge society; possessing a broad sense of life and with full awareness of the regional, national and global situation; who apply university principles and values, are committed to the sustainable, economic, scientific, technological and cultural development of humanity; They are innovative and competitive, achieve their personal development and contribute to the progress of the country in the international context. Generates social, scientific and humanistic knowledge as an activity that allows timely attention to the various problems of society as a whole, as well as ensure and permanently improve the quality of university education. It extends the benefits of university education, encourages artistic creation in its various forms of expression, engages the community in this type of activity and contributes to the preservation of heritage and the national and universal cultural heritage.


Faculty of Agriculture Mission Statement


The Faculty of Agriculture has the mission of:

  • Training socially responsible professionals and researchers, world class, competent in the area of ​​agri-food sciences, with a sustainable approach, entrepreneurs, with leadership, attitude towards interdisciplinary work, communication skills, with university values ​​and attributes.
  • The generation and dissemination of pertinent, relevant and cutting-edge knowledge in the area of ​​agri-food sciences.
  • The link with the agri-food sector through: research, conservation of resources, extension and provision of competitive professional services.


Educational Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Educational Program of Biotechnology Engineer at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) is to serve the region, the State of Nuevo León, the nation, the profession, and society at large by attaining, and sustaining, the following goals:

  • To train Engineers in Biotechnology with a high sense of social and scientific responsibility. Competent in the design, development, conjugation and application of biotechnological methodologies, for the analysis and purification of biomolecules (nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and secondary metabolites) derived from plant, animal and microbiological systems, both in the laboratory and in the field.
  • Competent in the improvement and development of processes, such as the increase of production, the quality of food and the treatment and use of their waste, to provide solutions to the agricultural, livestock and food sectors, as well as the evaluation of their impact environmental.
  • Capacity to participate in multidisciplinary work groups and contribute to the generation and dissemination of knowledge, considering and respecting the environment and current regulations, as a basis for the development of alternative proposals for innovation at the local, national and international levels .


Program Educational Objectives

The educational program of Engineer in Biotechnology of the Faculty of Agriculture, has as main interest to graduate engineers able to offer solutions to problems of the present society in the agri-food field, through the generation and application of knowledge, and the use of tools that allow the human being to take care of itself and its environment, in a sustainable way.

For this reason, the educational program of Biotechnology Engineer has proposed the following objectives:


  • Our graduates will be engineers capable of developing and applying techniques and methodologies, using knowledge of basic sciences and engineering sciences to solve problems in their professional field.
  • Our graduates will be able to design biotechnological alternatives for the adequate management of natural resources as well as the evaluation of their environmental impact, with a high sense of social and scientific responsibility.
  • Our graduates will contribute to the development of outreach programs related to the application of biotechnological principles in agro-food production systems and conservation of natural resources that allow continuous learning in people, groups and communities.


Consistency of the Program Educational Objectives with the Mission of the Institution

Our objectives are consistent with the mission statement of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and the Faculty of Agriculture, contributing to the development of individuals with integral formation, capable of serving the regionally, nationally and internationally society, with strong human values and high academic quality.


Program Constituencies

Our educational program has four major constituents: university graduate programs, research centers, and industry and government agencies.

These entities provide our students with opportunities through the offer of learning units in academic mobility, professional internships and social service, and are subsequently a source of employment for our graduates. As part of the process of linking our educational program with institutions of these entities, we have set up the External Advisory Board, which is formed by members from the four sectors.

We also consider that our graduates are another constituent factor. Due to their capacity for entrepreneurship, they constitute a great projection in the professional environment, by forming their own companies in the agri-food sector and for that reason; they are unequivocal evidence of the capacity of our educational program to train highly qualified Biotechnology Engineers.

In our program we prepare our students to be graduates highly desired by their future employers, therefore, it is of special interest for us, the link with research centers, companies and government agencies, all of them related to the agri-food sector.

The educational objectives of our program meet the needs of our constituents because both, graduate programs and employers, from the private or public sector, demand these skills in our graduates. And on the other hand, our applicants choose us over other educational programs, because they seek to develop the competences that the objectives of our program offer them.


Process for Review of the Program Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of our program are reviewed approximately every five years. To achieve this, foundation studies are carried out, which involve obtaining information on the relevance of our curriculum, from various sources such as students, graduates, employers and the recommendations of external evaluation agencies such CIEES (Inter-institutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education) and COMEAA (Mexican Committee for the Accreditation of Agricultural Education).

Likewise, the opinion of the External Advisory Board is considered, which has, among other functions, to guide the Quality Committee of our educational program, regarding the skills and knowledge required in a Biotechnology Engineer to provide a solution to current problems, satisfying the needs of the public and private sectors.

Faculty Professor

Dr. Victor E. Aguirre Arzola

Dr. Guillermo Cristian Guadalupe Martínez

Dra. Adriana Gutiérrez Díez

M.C. Claudia Lizeth Robledo Jiménez

Dra. Sugey Ramona Sinagawa García

Dr. Hugo Bernal Barragán

Dra. Nancy del Pilar Medina Herrera

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